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Next level maintenance vehicles

Our eco-efficient Madvac and Excelway vehicles are designed to meet all types of outdoor maintenance and cleaning needs. They have proven to be indispensable assets for many cities around the world, including Toronto, Dubai, Los Angeles and Barcelona.

Exprolink is proud to be at the international forefront of the vocational electric vehicle industry. Manufactured mainly in Canada, our eco-responsible solutions are shaping the future of outdoor cleaning. Want to partner up?

Our history

We strive to fulfil the ever-evolving needs of cities, institutions and businesses around the world by offering a superior line of eco-efficient VEVs.


A group of seasoned municipal equipment experts get together in early 2010 with the goal of being the vital LINK to EXport PROducts destined to the global environmental market: Exprolink is born as a product management company. At first, the company carries 3 non-proprietary product lines in its portfolio.



Exprolink acquires the Madvac product line focusing on product management, distribution, and after-sales service of this 25-year-old brand. Manufacturing of the vehicles is outsourced to one of Exprolink’s partner.



Exprolink migrates from a strictly product management company to a manufacturing company in a new facility located in Longueuil, Quebec.



Exprolink divests all activities related to non-proprietary product lines to focus exclusively on vocational equipment. From this date, management orients all efforts on bringing the Madvac product line to the next level by entering the compact sweeper market and by launching its electrification program.




Fonds de Solidarité FTQ becomes strategic financial partner of Exprolink to accelerate its electrification program and support its growth. Exprolink teams with California-based Zero Motorcycles to develop and launch its LN/LR50 all-terrain litter vacuum models.

2021 – present


Exprolink completes its acquisition of the Excelway product line from renowned Spanish company AUSA, and positions itself as the only North American-based company to manufacturer world class compact vocational electric vehicles.


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Optimize the efficiency, sustainability, and cost effectiveness of outdoor cleaning while reducing its environmental impact. That’s what drives us forward!

We strive to fulfil the ever-evolving needs of cities, institutions and businesses around the world by offering a superior line of eco-efficient VEVs.

Our vehicles around the world

Make change happen

Our soon-to-come VEV's combine efficiency and eco-friendliness without compromising on productivity.

Exprolink is in the process of electrifying its two main lines of specialty vehicles, Madvac and Excelway, thus setting the pace in terms of green transition. Eco-efficiency at its best!
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